Well this is the last week.  Know you are glad not to have online school any more.  I will post my 4th quarter grades on Thursday at noon.  Any assignments turned in after that will not be included.   Your assignment, both 7th and 8th grade, is to write a reflection on your year in history class.  Tell me what you liked, disliked, learned and would change. Doesn't have to be long at all.  Be honest.  Some times to remember are: 
     Locker clean out              May 27 and 28  10 til 2

     Yearbook pickup             June 8    8-12   and June 9  2 til 5

 *Remember no assignment accepted after Thursday at noon.

It has been a really unusual year.  We made it to the end by sticking together and praying for each other.  You all did a great job and I hope learned something along the way.  Enjoy your summer and hopefully we will see each other next year.
Ok guys we only have a week and a half left of school.  Remember the times you are to clean out your lockers.  Again the assignment is due on Friday.   Really miss teaching you in person.  I pray for you daily that all is well and you are safe.

7th Grade

Pick a religion other than yours and do the following questions.

1.  Name and give a brief history including the founder, date started and where it is practiced today.  You need to write 75 words on this.
2.  Who and how do they worship?
3.  What are their important holidays?
4.  What is their holy book and who are the leaders?
5.  Describe in 75 words how they worship including where, when and ceremony. 
6.  Compare and contrast your religion with the one you selected.  This needs to be 75 words at least.

8th Grade

Select an important person in North Carolina History and answer the following questions.

1.  Write 75 words on who they are.
2.  Write 75 words on what they did that was important.
3.  Write 75 words on why you selected this…
Hope you all are well and families are well.  We are headed to the end of the year.  I know you are tired of this and are ready to be done with it but keep on for just a little while longer.  Remember to check my blog and get all of the assignment.  It is due on Friday.  Those of you who are typing, check over your work and correct your mistakes.  I am so proud of your work and especially of your reflections. 

7th Grade
This week we will be working on World War I and World War II.  Number and answer the questions in detail.
1.  Explain how World War I started.
2.  Why did the United states enter World War I .  Give details
3.  What is trench warfare and how was it used?
4.  Why did the United States enter World war  II.  Make sure you give details.
5.  What is unrestricted submarine warfare?  How did this affect the fighting in World War II?
6.  Who was Hitler and how did he die?
7.  Explain the Holocaust in 75 words or more.
8.  How did World War II end.  Make sure you describe the bo…
O. K. Guys here we go again with a new and exciting assignment.  You all are doing great.  I am so proud of you.  Just in case you are wondering, we are doing what is called inquiry learning.   Remember to turn you work in by Friday.

7th Grade 

This week we will be looking at the Great Depression of 1929. 
1.  Write 75 words on what the Great Depression is.
2.  Write 75 words explaining what the President did to help us recovery or get out of the Depression.
3.  Write 75 words on how the Great Depression affected the United States in the world.
4.  List and explain 3 causes of the Great Depression.
5.  Do an original visual on the Great Depression.  Some choices could be a cartoon, collage, drawing or any other thing you can come up with.

8th Grade 
The assignment this week is   Wanted for President.
1.  Write a summary of the president's job including the salary.
2.  List the duties of the president.
3.  What leadership qualities should he possess?
4.  What problems would the pres…
Today is April 27.  O.K. guys lets get started for the week.  Remember I am giving you all of your work for the week today.  It will be due on Friday.  You are doing a great job and I do appreciate your effort.  I only wished that I could be there to teach you and see your smiling faces.   A reminder is to check your grammar especially  capitalization.  Here we go.

7th Grade
Using page 301 in your book, you are to select a historical inventor to complete the following:
1.  What did he/she invent and describe it in 50 words.
2.  How did this invention affect the world in 50 words.
3.  Include a picture of this invention.  It can be computer generated or you can draw it.
4.  Do a single bubble map of this invention.  You will need 8 bubbles.
5.  Write at least a 50 word reflection on why you chose this inventor and his/her invention. 

Using page 293 in your book, you are to select a scientific inventor to complete the following:
1.  Describe in 50 words who the inventor was and what did …
Today is April 20th and we begin a new week of school.  Hope you all had a great break away from school work and are ready to hit it hard to the end of the year.  Really hope we will be able to return so I can see you all in person.  Some things to remember are you need to turn in your assignments by noon on Friday. Send all assignments to my email and make sure you complete the whole assignment.  I am giving you enough to last all week.  You will need to work on it each day instead of on Thursday only.  O. K. lets go. 

7th Grade
Answer the following questions on the French and Indian War and the American Revolution.  You can find some information in your book on pages 221 - 224. 
1.  Write 50 words on the French and Indian War. 
2.  What did England do to the colonies after the war?
3.  Pick 3 people in the war and write 50 words on each.
4.  Write 50 words on the American Revolution.
5.  Write 50 words on each:
     1.  Charles Cornwallis
     2.  Boston Tea Party
     3.  George Was…
Hey guys.  This is the week before your Easter break.  It seems like forever since I have seen you.  Just wanted to let you know you are doing a great job.  The assignments this week are due on Thursday.  Continue to turn them in as you have been doing in the past.  Do your best on all assignments and don't rush through them.

7th Grade   
You will be taking a look at the Great Awakening.  You can find it in your book starting on page 212.  The assignment is:
1.  Write 50 words on each of the following:  Mayflower Compact, Philipp Spener, John Wesley, George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards.
2.  In your opinion, who was the most important and why?  (50 words)
3.  When we use the words, Great Awakening, what does that mean?  (50 words)

8th Grade  
This is a really interesting topic - John F. Kennedy and his assassination.
Your assignment is:
1.  Write 75 words on Kennedy.
2.  Explain in detail his assassination.
3.  Who is Jack Ruby and what role did he play? (50 words)
4.  Who is Lee …