Hey guys.  Hope your all are well.  When you finish this last assignment, make sure you give me all of the information, not just a sentence or two.  Cover the topic and be creative.  do your best work not just to get through. Miss you all.
OK guys lets get started for this week.  I will still post in my blog but I am starting to use google classroom.  You will send your assignments there.  I understand that all middle school teachers are using this.  If you cannot send it that way, just use my email.  There will be only one assignment for you this week.  It is a bit longer and takes more research on your part.  Be creative and enjoy the assignment.

7th Grade      Select a place in the world that you would like to explore.  Create a report answering the following questions: 1.  Why do you want to go there? 2.  How will you get there and how long does it take? 3.  What do you need to bring? 4.  What towns, people, and sites will you see? 5.  What will I see and do when I get there? 6.  Send me a link of a virtual tour of you place. *Keep in mind that all work is due Friday by noon.
8th Grade      You will do a self study of the Vietnam War.  Create a report answering the following questions: 1.  Who fought in the war? 2…
This is Monday,March 30.  All my classes need to join google classroom.  Here are the codes 7th grade 7ztv5vr,  3rd period cvsa5ty, 4th period tcg5o55.  Many of you have already done this.  I will know when you join.  Your assignments will come later.
Ok guys this is the last assignment for the week.  All assignments for the week are due on Friday, March 25 by noon.  You all are doing a great job.  Remember to put your name on your work and to read the whole assignment because it has several parts.

7th Grade
     You will find the answers to the questions in Chapter 16 of your book.  Number the question and answer in complete sentences.
1.  Describe the Caste system in India.
2.  Explain Confucianism.
3.  List and explain the 5 major religions that originated in Asia.
4.  Pick one of those religions and do a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting it to Christianity.  If you do not know what a Venn Diagram is google it.  I am not telling you how many items you need in your diagram, just cover the subject.

8th Grade
     Research and write at least 25 words on each person listed below.  Be sure to tell their connection to North Carolina
1.  Kerr  Scott                                                    6.  George W. Truett
2.  Frank P.…
Hey guys.  I sure do miss seeing you and teaching you in class.  You are doing an awesome job with the online school.  You need to remember to put your name on the assignment.  If you type the work, it is much easier to read.  All assignments are due at noon on Friday.  You can turn them into me earlier if you are finished.  All papers turned in after noon on Friday will be considered late and points will be lowered for each day late.       

7th Grade
     Last week you selected a person on page 207.  The assignment for Tuesday is to write 75 words on the importance of that person in history.  You are also going to search for a video on that person.  You will watch it and include the link at the end of your paper.  If you forgot who you chose, select one and complete the assignment.  Send the assignment to my email,

8th Grade
     Using the event you chose for the last assignment, describe how this event changed the world in 75 words. Google this …
Hey guys.  Really do miss seeing you on a daily basis and just getting to talk with you.  Those of you that completed the assignment did a really great job.  Some of you still need to turn it in.  It really does help for you to type the assignment .  The computer likes it much better and so do I.   Next assignment will be on Tuesday.  I will post it on Monday.  Take care and stay well.

O. K.  let's get started.  I will send out the assignments by Blog on Tuesday and Thursday.  Your assignments will be due by Friday at noon.  You need to email me your assignments to  You can look on RenWeb  for your grades.

7th Grade

  On page 207 in your book, select a person under people and do 100 words on that person.  Remember to tell me who that person is and what they did.  If you do not have your book, then just select an early explorer to complete this assignment.  You can email it to me earlier if you finish. 

8th Grade
   Select an important event in United States History and write 100 words on this event.  Make sure you tell me the event and why you think it is important.  You are to email me your work at by Friday at noon.  If you finish it early, you can go ahead and sent it to me. Look for your grade on RenWeb.

Be safe and take care.  I pray for each of you.  Next assignment will be on Tuesday next…